Advertising with BuzzzBook.com

Anyone with their own business or is responsible and authorised to act for the business in a legal capacity can apply to have that business listed on the BuzzzBooks website.

Free Listings

The listing will include the business name and telephone number.

Featured Listings


  1. The Business name, address, opening times, logo, links to any existing website and email address, links to related companies or businesses.
  2. Main image and 9 (nine) other images for inclusion in an image gallery.
  3. Google map of location and route facility.
  4. Integration with social media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  5. Inclusion of requested events in the "What's On" section and special offers or promotions in the "Hot Deals" section. (Limits may apply per week)


€ 21.50 plus IVA per month, minimum 6 months 

€ 215.00 plus IVA - Discounted 12 month rate 

Box Listings

Box listings are available to featured advertisers during the term of their listing and includes the following advantages:

  1. A box advertisement (250 * 200) pixels displayed on a category page of choice (subject to space being available).
  2. Design and artwork included.
  3. The box links automatically to the related featured advertisement.
  4. Listing on Homepage "What's On" and "Hot Deals" rotator.


€ 49.50 plus IVA per month, minimum 6 months 

€ 495.00 plus IVA - Discounted 12 month rate 


Leaderboard advertising consists of the following:

  1. Industry standard leaderboard (728 * 90 pixels) to appear in a designated section wih a maximum of three rotating images.
  2. Leaderboard linked to the related featured listing.
  3. Design and artwork included.s
  4. Unlimited listings on homepage "What's On" and "Hot Deals" rotator.

Limited to a maximum of five advertisers per page and subject to availability.


€ 150.00 plus IVA per month, minimum 6 months

Home Page Leaderboard

As above in addition the home page leaderboard designated to the home page and potentially additional sections throughout the site.

Prices on application.


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